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  1. Absolute Treatment Age Lifting Treatment

    Fine lines and wrinkles are noticeable signs of aging. Say goodbye to these aging signs and improve your skin to be firm and healthy looking with our innovative Age Lifting Treatment. Infused with PHYTO ACTIVE COMPLEX a special active ingredient extracted
  2. Absolute Treatment Pore Minimize Treatment

    Enlarged pores are major cause of oily and acne-prone skin. Our clinically proven pore minimising formulation is the ultimate solution to this skin problem. The special active ingredient, PHYTO ACTIVE COMPLEX extracted from a traditional Chinese herbal me
  3. Absolute Treatment Skin lIIuminating Treatment

    Daily basic skin care treatment may be insufficient to treat dull skin with dark spots caused by exposure to pollution and harmful UV rays. Introducing our Skin Illuminating Treatment, a deep nourishing treatment specially formulated to target these skin
  4. Beauty Essence Complex Absolute Moisturising Serum

    This concentrated nourishing serum helps maintain moisture in the skin for 24 hours as well as alleviate the signs of ageing. A revolutionary skincare routine, the light textured serum helps hydrate and add nutrients to rebalance your skin moisture, whi
  5. Beauty Essence Complex Nourishing Mineral Water Spray

    This refreshing mineral spray has a light texture to help relax stressed skin without smudging make-up, and helping make-up stay on for longer. A revolutionary skincare routine, the mineral spray helps hydrate and add nutrients to rebalance your skin mo
  6. Natural Power C Miracle Brightening Complex Advanced Brightening Serum with 100% Pure Vitamin C 10%

    This concentrated serum is an innovation that uses an appropriate amount of a powerful 100% pure Vitamin C derivative to reduce dark spots and brighten every skin tone without irritating the skin within a short time. This is due to the use of Prime C Comp
  7. Natural Power C Miracle Brightening Complex Power Boosting Serum

    A smooth textured serum that profoundly brightens dull and dark complexion. The high concentration Prime C Complex TM in the serum promotes gentle epidermal exfoliation and efficaciously stimulates cellular rejuvenation with sustained release of Vitamin C
  8. Skin Solution Complex Anti Acne Clarifying Night Serum

    mild, light textured night serum deeply nourishes and helps regulate sebum secretion to keep your face from becoming excessively oily and acne prone.
  9. Ultimate Renewal Concentrated Serum

    An innovative concentrated serum specially formulated for delicate skin with signs of aging. An innovative concentrated serum that restores and repairs wrinkles for a soft and smooth skin.
  10. Ultra Natural e+ Intensive Renewal Night Serum

    Nourish and re-balance very rough, dry skin with a concentrated serum so your skin is soft and smooth.
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